4 Shaving Mistakes You Are Still Making

4 Shaving Mistakes You Are Still Making
12/06/2015 Jack

Ever feel like you’ve got the sensitive skin of a new-born child? Is shaving more of an irritating must-do job than a grooming process? Well, while you’re not alone in thinking that, you are also not alone in being wrong. The fact is that many men are of the mind that their sensitive skin condition is down to genetics, and there’s simply nothing that can be done about it. We beg to differ and would go so far as to say that the majority of you just don’t know how to shave. It’s a fair bet that most men are making some serious shaving mistakes each and every day, so we’ve compiled a little list to school you in the art of not making those slip-ups.

Getting off to a bad start

To say, a good start is half the battle, might sound a little cliché but the truth is that when it comes to shaving a good start is most of the battle. Prepping for a shave is a simple process that does not involve splashing cold water on your face and slapping on some cheap shaving foam that’s more akin to whipped cream than any type of grooming product. The right way to prep, is by washing your face in warm water or using a face wash to open up those pores, exfoliate the skin and soften up your stubble. You should also use an oil before you get the blade out. This will further soften the hair and protect sensitive areas.

Using a bad blade

We’ve only gone and found a book on idioms in the magazine rack, so we’ll hit you with this one – a man is only as good as his tools. The ‘tools’ in this case being the razor. We fail to see why good money is spent on aftershave and cologne while blunt or rusty razors lie unreplaced in the bathroom cabinet. We’re all guilty of forgetting to get a new razor from time to time, but it shouldn’t be a regular occurrence. Shaving with a blunt blade not only fails to give you a close shave but it also irritates your skin and can lead to redness and worst of all, missed hairs. As far as shaving tips go, replacing your razor or the blades once every 3 – 5 shaves is right up there.

Shaving too fast

We’re sorely tempted to stick in another idiom here, but we’ll just say it straight- slow down! This is not a race and if you don’t have the time to give yourself a proper shave (including prep time) then don’t shave at all. The problem with being in a hurry is that you’re more likely to commit the schoolboy error of shaving against the grain. This causes untold damage to your skin and is almost guaranteed to result in little spots of blood soaked tissue, particularly on your neck.

Forgetting the finishing touches

It’s so easy to splash your face with water then head out the door to catch the bus, but all you’re doing is making things worse for the next time you shave. A good post-shave routine involves properly rinsing your face to remove any traces of oil or cream, followed by the application of a moisturising product. And if you think moisturiser is for girls then think again, we men have skin too, and it suffers a lot from the act of shaving. Using a balm or moisturising lotion soothes razor burn and keeps your skin in good condition making your next shave that much more comfortable.


Now don’t think that we’re dropping all these shaving tips in your lap for fun. Shaving is a serious business and unless it’s done right you can expect to suffer from razor burn and blotches the rest of your life. Setting up a good routine is easy just remember to:-

  • Prep well with warm water and oil
  • Keep your razor sharp
  • Take your time
  • Moisturise

Do yourself and your skin a favour and make a little more time in your day for the most important grooming process there is! .