5 Haircuts For The Summer

5 Haircuts For The Summer
12/06/2015 Jack

The football is done and the evenings are getting longer, it can mean only one thing – Summer is on its way. Barbecues, ice cream, days at the beach, Friday afternoons bunking off work for an early start to the weekend, just some of our favourite things about the best season of the year. But just as we consider some new threads for the hot weather, so too should we be having a good long think about the shock of hair that kept us warm through the colder months.

Yes, it’s time to go short or at least tie it up. Knowing that you don’t want to be dragging your heels on your new do, your mates here at Jack the Clipper have made a list of our top 5 haircuts for summer ‘cause we’re quite good like that.

The Pompadour

If you’ve watched a TV, looked at a smartphone, or opened a magazine you’ll have no doubt noticed in the last year the slick work of follicular art that is the pompadour grace the heads of many a celeb. Justin Timberlake, Zayn Malik and our very own David Beckham – the East Londoner that shows no fear when it comes to hairstyles – have all tried out this style with huge success. The only difference with this year’s pompadour is that the skin fade is a bit more extreme.

How to maintain it – Good barbers that can do a proper pompadour are hard to find (just as well you know us) but if you find one they should give you a crash course in pompadour maintenance. You’ll need pomade, a hair dryer, a brush, and an alarm clock set to the crack of dawn as this is a high maintenance haircut that requires dedication to your style.

The Slick Side Sweep

If the pompadour is proving too much for your patience, then a simpler variation of the style is the slicked side sweep. It can include a shaved side parting for a more extreme look. Ryan Gosling is your celebrity standard bearer for this simple yet very stylish haircut that was born in the days of Cary Grant.

How to maintain it – A good pomade and a brush or comb and, depending on the unruliness of your hair, a hairdryer are all that’s needed. There’s not as much bounce or lift as you’ll find in the pompadour so expect this style to take much less time to perfect.

The Man Bun (Topknot)

We have Leonardo DiCaprio to thank for the sudden wave of topknots and man buns we see gracing the heads of our fellow men of late. It’s a simple style that it seems the ladies love but beware, this is not a style for receding hairlines. It takes a bit of length for a good topknot, and you don’t want to look like an 80’s rocker that just won’t admit he’s losing it on top. And while this style looks good, growing your hair out for the summer only adds extra heat to your bonce.

How to maintain it – This is a bit of a paradox in that the style requires little maintenance other than the ability to use a hair tie. However, the longer hair needed to achieve the style, of course, needs more care than your standard short back and sides. Swings and roundabouts.

The Fringe

It might feel a bit weird for some to wear your hair brushed forward, and it might even get a little hot under that fringe, but this is a style that promises to be big later in the year. Try to ignore that cringing Justin Bieber feeling and think of the style more in a Zac Efron’s early days or Gerard Butler way. The great thing about this style is that it all depends on the length of that fringe, so as you grow it, the style evolves rather than becoming a tangled mess.

How to maintain it – Like we said, it all depends on the length. The shorter the style the less maintenance required, but as it gets longer you may need wax or pomade to keep it in place and out of your eyes.

The Buzz Cut

Neat, clean, and undoubtedly a man’s haircut, the buzz cut is the simplest of hairstyles to achieve and is highly recommended for the summer months. It’s been seen on the streets quite a bit lately with high-profile buzz cuttees such as Jason Statham, Freddie Flintoff and Tom Hardy showing folk how it’s done right. But to be honest, it’s not exactly rocket science.

How to maintain it – Hmm well, first you get it cut and then you do absolutely nothing. Haircuts for the summer? This is it.
Whichever one of these popular haircuts you choose for the summer, you should let old Jack sort you out. Pop into one of our shops for a chat and we’ll work out what’s the best style that’ll get heads turning this coming summer. o.