Best short hair styles for men

Best short hair styles for men
02/03/2016 Jack

As we draw closer into winter’s grasps, traditionally a gentleman would wrap up and wear his hair with more length, for more warmth. That makes sense, right? But sense and style don’t always go together.

If you are ready to splash out on some new horticulture for your hair then here are three short haircuts we think you should go for. Starting with the simple and ending in the downright experimental, we present to you: the crew cut, the Caesar and the short pompadour.

Otherwise known as the crew cut, this style was born in America and exported to Britain during the Second World War. It has never left our shores or our barbershops, remaining a cool and simple style to pull off. Simple by nature but not necessarily by craft, the back and sides should be tailored to define your facial structure and on top you get the chance to be creative with a couple of styling options. You can go for a slick back, side parting, curls, you name it – just ask Jack and he’ll whip it up and add some extra class to the classic.

Moving from traditional to radical, the Caesar popped up in the 90’s and was made famous by the likes of George Clooney. Named after Julius Caesar who is often depicted rocking this do, this look has a royally rare stature to it but maybe you, yes you, have the courage and the character to pull it off in 2015/16. You don’t want to spend your days in front of the mirror, there are turkeys to be carved and mulled wine to guzzle. The Caesar is a dream because it is easy to maintain and simple to add a bit of spike. Get Jack to dab a drizzle of cream, wax or gel and the spiked look will be achieved before you can say Antonio Banderas.

From Elvis Presley to Zac Effron, the short pompadour comes packed with prestige and a kind of coolness that far outweighs the other side of your pillow. Named after King Louis XV’s mistress, this cut brings together the naughty and the nice as the sides are kept brief for business while the top flicks back, seducing the scalp. From the king of France to the king of rock, there is more than a drop of self-righteousness which oozes from this style. The pompadour comes cooked two ways and both are on the menu at Jack The Clipper, but the choice depends on your beard style, face shape and other stuff which we can take care of. If you love the drama, go for the pompadour with the short sides as this will bring out the contrast and the character more so than the second style which is to have longer sides. The latter is what would be considered the classic Pompadour look, however in recent times it has become more and more versatile. With the second option, the side and back hair will be shaved extremely short, usually a grade one, and if you are feeling particularly brave, then you should ask Jack to shave far up your crown. This is sexy, edgy and will make you stand out of the crowd for sure – if you are single, you won’t be much more. This cut is particularly perfect for those with rounder faces because it adds height and takes the spotlight away from the width of the face.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]