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Picture this, if you will. It is the late 1860’s and the unfamiliar yet tantalising scents of flowers and massage oils are drifting from the famous Turkish baths on Jermyn Street. This stirs the senses of William Henry Penhaligon, a barber, who crafts the foundations of what will become a 150 year legacy. Penhaligon’s of London is born.

The original Penhaligon’s shop was situated in Jermyn Street next to the Turkish baths, known as the Hammam. William was so inspired he named his first perfume the Hammam Bouquet.

History has a poetic way of reincarnating.150 years on, Penhaligon’s crosses paths with a Turkish barber chain. Jack the Clipper brings back the traditional aroma and sensual service to stimulate and awaken William’s spirit in his shops. Jack’s exquisite skill for sharp shaves and pinpoint cuts has been cultivated over centuries and it is now the turn of Penhaligon’s gentlemen to be the recipients of this classic, luxurious barbering.‬