Cutting shapes

Cutting shapes
02/03/2016 Jack

From the dance floor to the barber shop; shapes and knowing how to cut them is essential. You can tailor your wig to the natural curvature of your cranium

First, you need to figure out which type of head shape you have.

Here’s how:

  1. You will need a mirror, a comb and a bar of soap
  2. Pull your hair back with a comb and hold it in place
  3. Using the bar of soap, trace the outline of your head onto the mirror – not forgetting to traverse from scalp to temple to jaw and back to scalp.
  4. The resulting drawing in front of you will reflect either a square, triangle, round, oval or long shape.

There is definitely a correlation between the shape of your head and the hairstyle which most suits you. No question. Simply put, there are some hair styles that will leave you handsome and hunky purely because they’re perfect for the contours of your countenance.

Below, Jack has enlisted some ideas so you can find the hair style to complement your face shape.

All Square, Squire

Wide jaw and high cheekbones are features of a model and if you’re fortunate enough to possess them then here’s how you take advantage:

  • Keep your sideburns short and hair above the ears
  • Try having your hair relatively short but styled upward
  • If you are keen on facial hair, opt for a beard which deliberately accentuates the square jaw

Triangle? Try Angles

A triangle head shape consists of wide cheekbones and a jaw line which concludes with a pointed chin. Here are some ways to make the most of it:

  • You may want to add width and volume to the top by having longer hair
  • A thick well-groomed beard is useful in disguising the drastic angles of your jaw line
  • A nice fringe can create the illusion of a narrower forehead which reduces the impact of the sharp chin

Well Rounded

If the results show you have a circular face then here are three of Jack’s tips to bringing out the best in you:

  • A short back and sides will make your head appear longer and render you the more chiselled look which you desire
  • A side-swept fringe can provide contrast to your wide cheek bones. Combine this with a well trimmed side and you have got yourself a sharper, more masculine gentleman.
  • Draw attention to the top of your head by styling and spiking your hair upwards. This might sound like a tall order but the extra height will be like an added string to your bow.

Of course, we haven’t covered all of the possible head shapes. For the best judgment on your facial geometry, pop in to see Jack and have an expert architect craft you a haircut which suits you.