Grooming Habits You Ought To Have As A Gentleman

Grooming Habits You Ought To Have As A Gentleman
23/09/2016 Jack

Number One – Get your own!

Amazingly, an estimated three quarters of men don’t own their own grooming products – they just make do with whatever is laying around! You wouldn’t be so laissez-faire with what you eat or what you wear; there’s no room for slacking in the hair department either. You need to find out which products sort your skin, hair and desired style – our master barbers can of course assist with this process through their expertise.

Number Two – Exfoliate

That’s grooming-speak for giving your mug a good scrub. Men have larger pores, whiskers and produce more sweat, which together can attract a whole lot of dirt. As a gentleman who frequents our shop, you can ask our Master Barbers to give you a face mask treatment – keep your countenance clean and fresh.

Number Three – Befriend your Barber

Going to the barber shop should not be a chore or a task which is reduced to a fortnightly, or worse, a monthly visit. Remember, your barber is your best bud when it comes to looking pristine and chic – pop in for advice, treatments and to replenish your products as often as you can. A conversation is free, a cut isn’t – but both are extremely valuable to your appearance, assuming you want to maintain a polished one.