How To Master The Perfect Shave!

How To Master The Perfect Shave!
20/08/2018 Jack

Shaving can be a daunting experience for many men these days. Sensitive skin? Worn blades? What blades? The list is endless. So, let’s cut to the chase and follow Jack’s steps to mastering the perfect shave!

Preparation. Preparation is key for mastering the perfect shave! You wouldn’t eat dessert before your main course so why would you shave without the preparation.

Firstly, wash your face! Wash your face with warm water using a good quality cleanser. This will remove dirt, oil and unwanted debris and will leave your face ready for the closest shave of your life!

Using a hot towel is a great way to soften those hairs and open up your pores. Don’t have the fancy hot towel machine? Don’t fret! Soak a towel in hot water and press light pressure on the are until the towel becomes lukewarm.

Once you have opened your pores with your hot towel why not hydrate the hair some more.

Jack recommends using Penhaligon’s Beard and Shave Oil, this will soften the hair and hydrate the skin.

Lather up with a good quality shaving cream. Jack likes to use Proraso on all his clients with Jack’s Badger Bishops Gate and Bristles Shaving Brush.

Now you’re lathered up and ready for the fun part! Invest in a good quality razor! Men shave, on average, 2-3 times a week, therefore, you need the right tool for the job! Why not try Jack’s Safety Razor. This will ensure a smooth and sharp shave, without the irritation.

Shave in the direction of your hair growth is key to reduce irritation and razor burns. Also try shaving in short strokes as this will grant you more control with the razor.

Now you have mastered the perfect shave it’s now time to protect it. Washing your face with cold water will close any open pores and remove any shaving cream left behind. Using an aftershave balm will soothe your skin and prevent any unwanted irritation. Jack’s Aftershave Balm is the perfect elixir, that is specially formulated to refresh, soothe, hydrate and de-stress your skin.

Finish off with an aftershave that works for you! The alcohol will prevent any infections in cuts and reduce skin irritation.

And remember, take your time and don’t rush! The last thing you want is to turn up to that Monday morning office meeting looking like you spent the weekend with Jack The Ripper himself! Shaving is arguably one of the most important parts of every man’s grooming routine so this should be done properly!

Why not come by to Jack The Clipper and let the experts show you how it’s done!