Jack’s Top 12 Must-haves!

Jack’s Top 12 Must-haves!
30/04/2019 Jack

Besides the essentials of food, water and shelter, what does a gentleman really need? Here are Jack The Clippers top 12 things every self-respected gentleman should own.

Whether you don stubble, whiskers or are clean shaven everyman should possess a grooming kit. 

A men’s grooming kit should be packed with only the essentials and not jam-packed with unnecessary elixirs. 

Gentle Moisturiser 

Stock your grooming kit with a gentle moisturiser, Jack recommends Recipe for Men SPF 30 Face Cream – helps defend your skin from the hazards of immediate and long-term sun exposure. 


Organic Styling Product 

Your grooming kit should also frequent a classic hair styling product, Jack recommends Hanz De Fuko Claymation. Packed with all natural and organic ingredients this matte finish product should be the final step of everyman’s hair-care routine.  

Beard Trimmer

Cant visit your barbers regularly? Don’t fret, Jacks got your back! Speaking of backs… You’ve got to take care of back hair too! Ensure you have the Wahl Aqua Blade Beard and Stubble Trimmer. Equipped to cut from0.2 – 25mm this is the perfect all-rounder for all lengths. With a charge life of 180 minutes, you don’t need to worry about packing charging cables in your bag on your travels. 


Every man should have a multi-tool at the ready! Loose screw in sight? Spotted an unopened bottle? Don’t worry! You should have the Leatherman Wave+ to hand. Packed with 17 essential tools this 100% Stainless Steel Multi-Tool best seller is one to buy. Saving space and time this compact quick opening tool should be owned by every man. 

The Perfect Sound System 

Smart speakers are soon to be the staple gadget of every home. Stand out with something special, packed with great sound quality and clarity. The Sonos One is arguably one of the best sounding speakers available on the market right now. Control this smart speaker with any smartphone or use the built-in Alexa to really show off in front of your guests. 

A Quality Umbrella 

Wrestling with your umbrella in a stormy day is really not a good look! Buying the same £5 umbrella ten times is really just a false economy. Invest in a sturdy umbrella that will be by your side for years to come. James Smith & Sons have been crafting umbrellas since 1830 – so I’m sure that buys them some credibility. You will need to splash out that little bit extra, however, these are here to stay and most importantly to ensure you stay dry! Visit James Smith & Sons to find your perfect rain accompaniment. 


Signature Scent 

Find that signature scent that you’ve chosen yourself! Not one you’ve received from your other half. Do your research and see what scent works well for you! Don’t be fooled! Different scents really do smell different on different people. Jack recommends that you visit one of Penhaligon’s luxury perfume houses where their trained personnel will assist you.  

Leather Wallet

A leather wallet should resemble a great piece of craftsmanship from the stitching to the quality of the leather. Forget synthetic and velcro wallets as these will not last. A durable leather wallet will literally be by your side for years to come. Jack recommends Aspinal of London’s Classic Billfold Wallet expertly crafted from supple Italian Calf leather.