5 Shepherd Market, London W1J 7PD
Weekdays: 9AM-8PM Sat 9AM-6PM Sun: 10AM-6PM

Available by walk-in only

CALL ON – 020 3602 2427

Walk in, relax and have a drink while you wait. Just ask for one of our treatments.

Hidden beneath the grounds of Jack’s Mayfair Store, a gentleman in search of an elite barbering experience discovered a chamber of wonder…

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Some may question why Jack chose the west end of London for this shop but as ever, there is method to his madness. Enter Sir William Withey Gull, the Royal physician who was serving Queen Victoria and Albert, the Prince of Wales. William’s laboratory was in the basement of our Mayfair shop, and you can go there today to experience our Royal Ripper treatment. With his freemasonry connections and his allegiance to the Prince, Sir William is often thought to be a suspect or an accomplice for the 1888 terror of East London. Jack has never disclosed the true identity of his Great Grandfather but he was desperate to turn this plot in Mayfair into something positive.