Jack at Lynx Black Space

Jack at Lynx Black Space
02/06/2015 Jack

Jack is happy to announce a brand new pop up shop in London’s Shoreditch. We have been invited to be part of the fantastic Lynx Black Space at the Old Truman Brewary.

It’s being billed as – An understated and unexpected personalised social escape – which sounds much more interesting than your average Saturday afternoon down the pub. So what’s it all about?

The idea is to unite both style and music while adding a bit of social life into the mix. And this will be done by inviting you into a stylishly comfortable space that has been designed with your relaxation in mind.


As you walk in the door you’ll be greeted and asked what your pleasure is; style, grooming, or an aural diversion from the stress of city life.

If you’re in for a trim, you can check-in for your personalised haircut experience, more on that later. For those that are unsure or simply don’t need a haircut, you’ll get the chance to explore the shop and explore the coolest, ultimate chill-out space.

Once your tour is done, you can enjoy a coffee or smoothie from the bar, book a grooming session or sort your tickets for some of the in-store events and sessions.


From Lynx Black products to the ASOS range of menswear, there’s plenty to have a look at and try out in the Black Space shop. There’ll be staff on hand to guide you through the stock and to offer a few style tips here and there. They can also give you the lowdown on the 10 men’s understated essentials that can be bought in-store.

There’s no doubt that this promises to be a one stop shop for your style and grooming needs and is definitely worth checking out.


Pull up a chair, grab a coffee and listen to the Spotify catalogue on some nifty Sennheiser headphones as you wait for your appointment that promises to be a very personal experience.

And this is where Jack the Clipper enters the equation.

We’ll be there to give you the benefit of our expertise, offering advice on cuts and styles, trims and shaves, and, of course, which Lynx Black products to make good use of. But we’re good listeners too, so if you know exactly what you want then that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Once you’re in the chair, you can select a custom playlist from Spotify, which will be played through directional speakers that only you and your stylist (that’s us) can hear. We sincerely hope you’ve got good taste in music.

Music and Social

As we said earlier, it’s not just about style at Black Space. It’s about the experience and providing you with the ultimate escape from the noise of London.

In the social and music zone there’s relaxed seating and free Wi-Fi so you can just sit back and take a load off while checking your mail or updating your status. There are also iPads housed in tables with Sennheiser earphones that give you access to the entire Spotify catalogue.

Nothing very social about that you might think, but then we haven’t told you yet about the planned acoustic Spotify sessions or movie nights in the pop-up cinema. If that doesn’t float your boat, then there’s the classes, guest speaker nights, the MS Future Music concept, and ad-hoc artist activity. You can even rent a space in-house for meetings or rehearsal sessions.

So if you’re about this week pop in for a trim, a coffee or just to have a look around. We’ll tell you this much though, this place is going to be pretty epic so there’ll be bragging rights to being among the first to walk through the doors.