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Hidden beneath the grounds of Jack’s Mayfair Store, a gentleman in search of an elite barbering experience discovered a chamber of wonder… In the candele-lit chamber a slick, suave looking barber stepped out of the shadows with a blade sharpened, shined and ready.
He took the curious gentleman’s coat and invited him to sit on one of the barber chairs. For the next half hour, this would be his throne.

“Welcome to the Royal Chamber, sire” said the barber.

Once seated, the man gazed around the space noticing books on anatomy and glass jars filled with organs. There was an unsettling collection of vicious looking tools designed to accurately butcher any hair or beard into the perfect finished cut and shave.

The Royal Chamber was the secret laboratory of Dr William Withey Gull. The famous 19th century physician who served the royal family and was a suspect linked to the unsolved 1888 Whitechapel murders.

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5 Shepherd Market, London W1J 7PD
Weekdays: 10-8 Sat: 10-6 Sun: Closed

CALL ON – 020 3602 2427


 What’s in the name?

King James II established a cattle trading fair in the 1680’s which began spiralling out of control as attendance rocketed and the locals sided with gentrification. Around 100 years later Edward Shepherd, an architect, was commissioned to redevelop the area into one which would attract a higher class of person. It has since been an extremely vogue residence to inhabit.

What’s it known for? (Besides Jack The Clipper)

Shepherd Market is a hidden treasure chest with Jack’s shop as the jewel. Luring alleyways and charming authentic cuisine create an intimate feel to a place which was once the most sought after address in Mayfair.

Much like our barbering experience, Shepherd Market is a refreshing escape from busy central London. There is quant air of sophistication and unashamed class hierarchy as every nook and cranny is occupied with establishments from 18th century pubs, a gun shop and of course, an exquisite barbers.