Quick Style Tips For Guys With Long Hair

Quick Style Tips For Guys With Long Hair
06/04/2016 Jack

Need some quick tips for your long hair? Jack the Clipper is here to help keep your tresses looking their best.

A lion’s mane comes with a lion’s heart. In other words, it takes some courage to commit to long hair. The difficult stage is when it’s not quite lengthy enough to treat as long hair and you are reduced to a baseball cap. Get past that stage, however, and you aren’t far from the finish line where adoring women await and envy-tinged judgment from your fellow man is poised. Growing it is one thing but knowing what to do with it is another, so here are some helpful suggestions:

  1. If you are trying to keep it casual, avoid blow drying. Air drying is kinder to your hair and gives you an ‘I woke up looking good’ look.
  2. A comb can isolate strands of hair, so run your fingers through your mane because it will present a better appearance and well, it feels nice.
  3. Special occasion? Maybe you are attending the banquet to end all banquets and you don’t want your long locks getting in the way of your smart attire. Apply a bit of product (gel or wax) and use a comb on this occasion to render a side parting with a swept-behind-the-ears finale.
  4. Pony tails and headbands are your best friends when you’re at the gym. Keep it tucked and tidy while you’re pumping iron.
  5. Visit Jack’s at least once a week and get your hair tended to. Even if your desired ‘do is downright laid back, your barnet still needs TLC.

We have just launched a new service at Jack The Clipper called The Beau Brummell. George Bryan Brummell was a real ‘dandy’ in the 19th century and was depicted as having lengthy flowing curly locks. His style was so bold that Englishmen around the country began emulating his ways. You can be the 21st century Beau Brummell if your hair dares to dance below your shoulders!