the cut tml

The classic wash and cut with expert styling

Let Jack wash away the outside stresses, rest your feet and enjoy a beverage. Whether you know the look you desire or need some creative guidance, our master barbers will design and refine your hair with pinpoint precision. Our blades are as sharp as their handlers, and believe us – there is nothing that they can’t handle. Finally the pièce de résistance, our cutting-edge craftsmen will tailor your finish in a way which suits and surpasses your satisfaction. I mean, what’s a cake without a cherry on it?

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the beard tml

Jack’s own version of a beard trim and hot towel treatment

The gentlemen who frequent Jack’s want to look and feel a cut above the rest. The shape and sharpness of your beard, the freshness of your face and how it feels on your finger tips are all taken care of with this treatment. Your master barber will trim and style your beard, making sure to clean up any unsightly areas. A traditional open razor will caress your neck and cheeks, followed by the light lick of a flame to emancipate your ears of unwanted hairs. Now you look pristine, Jack concludes the ceremony with an invigorating hot towel and massage to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

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the shave tml

The closest shave of your life!

As Jack’s guest you will always be subject to pampering and luxurious grooming, this classic treatment is no different. The master barber will get down to business here using traditional cut-throat razors rendering an immaculate shave. Neck fluff will be vanquished, eyebrows trimmed, ears flamed and threading where required. This is topped off with an invigorating hot towel treatment to leave a smooth sensation upon your countenance. Cushty!

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the shape tml

Time to trim your beard back into shape!

The Clipper’s credentials come to the forefront in this facial extravaganza. Jack’s master barbers begin by trimming and styling your beard while wiping up any unwelcome hair.  Our barbers know how important it is to keep your beard and stubble maintained. We will razor your neck and cheeks with artisan accuracy, flame your ears to singe the slightest of hairs and thread if required. The treatment is finished with a relaxing rinse and a reviving hot towel experience.

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full ripper tml

Indulge in the ultimate barbering experience

Jack knows that every prestigious gentleman should treat himself every now and then. Our barbers can play architect as well as artist, so sit back as they transform your hair style into a masterpiece. The most suave shave, wash, cut and style are presented on a platter of pampering and you are the lucky recipient. We finish with a hot towel infused with scents to awaken your senses. Step out of the chair with confidence as you venture forth knowing you’ll stand out from the crowd as a brand new man.

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royal ripper tml

A service fit for a king and therefore, fit for you

Traditionally reserved for royal blood, Jack is opening up his regal chambers to give you a barbering experience of absolute excellence. The master barber and his assistant will start with a rinse, just to get those hairs fine and fresh followed by Jack’s best cut. Prepare yourself for a styling like no other and the most superb shave of your life. This is an indulgence of luxury and you have the best seat in the house. Enjoy a face mask, eye mask treatment, threading, a hot towel treatment and a massage to climax. Jack’s final guarantee is that you won’t want to leave your throne so we insist you return for another round shortly, sir.

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fade to jack

Stand out with subtlety with Jack’s meticulous skin fade

This is the skin fade. Jack The Ripper was the best at seamlessly melting away into the shadows. The fade screams out subtlety and whispers eye-catching style. It is a representation of Jack’s smooth and suave stature, his ability to become a star without appearing on the credits. The art of barbering comes to fruition with this as your head truly becomes a canvas and Jack takes his role as the craftsman.

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the king whiskers

The total nurturing and neatening treatment for the biggest beards

Big beards  stay smart and sharp with this experience.

This is named after Hans Langseth who had the longest beard in the world. Hans travelled the world during the late 19th century as his lengthy locks were a huge attraction to crowds around the globe. He eventually made the decision to start shortening his shrubbery and thus, this service The King Whiskers was born. The King Whiskers is for you special chaps with proud facial hair which may need pruning.

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the beau brummell

Give your long locks the barbering love they deserve

You are the Beau Brummell of the 21st century if your hair dares to dance below your shoulders. George Bryan Brummell was a real ‘dandy’ in the 19th century. Born in London, his complete style; hair, clothes, manners and behaviour were imitated by many an Englishman. He liked to bath regularly in milk just like Cleopatra of Egypt. George was a good friend of the Prince of Wales; and you too are now among royalty in the Ripper’s chair.

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