The Beau Brummell

The Beau Brummell

Give your long locks the barbering love they deserve (For longer hair up to shoulder length)

You are the Beau Brummell of the 21st century if your hair dares to dance below your shoulders. George Bryan Brummell was a real ‘dandy’ in the 19th century. Born in London, his complete style; hair, clothes, manners and behaviour were imitated by many an Englishman. He liked to bath regularly in milk just like Cleopatra of Egypt. George was a good friend of the Prince of Wales; and you too are now among royalty in the Ripper’s chair.

What is included in the treatment

  • Wash the hair
  • Cut the hair
  • Rewash the hair & style

Bow Lane: £56

Mayfair: £56

Spitalfields: £51 (Walk-In) / £56 (Booking)

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